Pershore Riverside Youth Centre (Covid-19)

We understand this difficult time has changed lives for all in many ways. Our mission and philosophy as a Youth and Community Centre is to work with Pershore and the surrounding communities to support, inspire and achieve positive change. That is still the case, even during a global pandemic! However, we still want to ensure you all we are still here as usual… just with a few changes.

We are following the guidance from the National Youth Agency (NYA) to ensure we can provide our community with the best possible support. Our Management and Youth team are now able to work from the centre, and as of the July 4th we have started inviting small groups in. We are still working outdoors when possible, and scheduling groups in advance so that we can ensure safety measures are followed. 

We ask for any enquiries to contact via – 01386 554713 or by emailing Bradley or Abi and to not ‘walk-in’ to the centre as usual.

We have been working to adapt the centre to new guidelines and reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 as much as possible. We plan to achieve this by:

  • Reducing group sizes
  • Limiting room usage
  • Hand sanitizer in each room
  • Thorough cleaning every day
  • Working outdoors when possible
  • PPE being accessible to staff and members if requested (not mandatory)
  • Young people receiving resource packs, that are kept within the centre

There are regular online youth sessions running for young people, ranging from Quizzes to Mental health discussions – Follow the running updates for these via our Instagram page @pershoreyouthy

Our youth counselling sessions are currently being held via Skype or telephone – we understand that this can be crucial to some young people reaching out for support whilst stuck at home. This is why we are hosting more regular slots for young people throughout the week. Please contact us via to arrange this.

Pershore Riverside has been working closely with Worcestershire Here2help scheme, where anyone can gain access to support for any reason due to the pandemic.

Mental health affects us all in different ways. There is a mixture of advice on the website for children, young people and their families here:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and guidance

Website: Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Worcestershire County Council (opens in a new window)