Youth Club 13-17yrs

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 6-8pm in term time

“Coming here stops me from getting into trouble because if the youth centre wasn’t here then I would probably just be hanging around in the town.”

Run by Brad, Megan, Ryan and Jordie, ‘Youthy’ is a relaxed, friendly place. All are welcome providing they are prepared to join in and get to know the staff, group and the centre. These are relaxed sessions, making the most of the centre’s facilities. Open to all, just introduce yourself to the team when you arrive and sign in.

Leaders offer practical support, eg around revision, careers advice, CVs and interviews; personal support around bullying, relationships, sexual health and alcohol awareness; and life skill sessions, including cookery, first aid, healthy living and internet safety. On Wednesdays an independent counsellor is available for exam stress or tougher issues (sessions must be booked in advance).

The youth team design an annual programme to keep it fun and make sure there is always things to do: pancakes, Easter eggs, baking and serving at the River Festival, art sessions to design the youthy carnival float, summer water sports, visits from the Youth Bus, Hallowe’en and a Christmas party. Learning real life skills, in a non-judgmental environment, a chance to ask questions and have fun, is what it’s all about.

We also offer tailored services in partnership with local companies, eg career taster opportunities and a specific programme for NEETS.

“The Riverside Centre offers unique facilities and the young people are very respectful of this as they appreciate a positive, non-judgemental place outside school. Of course they challenge each other, raise issues, have and express different opinions but, ultimately, have a shared sense of what is socially acceptable behaviour and stick to the group’s standards. The sense of belonging to the ‘Youthy’ creates a bond and it is great to see a diverse group of individuals getting on and integrating. Young people come because they want to, no one is making them.” Brad, Lead Youth Worker

Fun on the Youth Bus