HR Policy for Staff & Volunteers

These policies relate to anyone working with young people at Pershore Riverside Centre, outreach and 1:1 sessions. Youth Manager Brad Edmunds, has the task of passing this information to the youth team and helpers through induction and training, and ensuring that young peoples’ wishes and needs are understood and followed where appropriate.

All policies and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis, signed off by Trustees. Managers will circulate any changes or updates to staff and volunteers, and discuss them to make sure everyone understands the relevance of the changes. As part of the recruitment process, all staff and volunteers are required to sign to say that they have read this document and, depending on impact of later changes, may be asked sign to acknowledge they have understood these changes. Brad covers this in his welcome training to ensure an understanding and allow for questions. Staff and volunteers are also required to attend annual refresher courses in safeguarding, and other training considered important for their roles.

A copy of the latest HR Policies & Procedures document will always be available on our website Policies section for anyone to view and/or download.