Monday Club for 9-13s

Every Monday excluding Bank Holidays. £1 donation to attend

Monday Club is a great opportunity for young people to relax in their own space, away from pressures of school and family, with no requirement to join in unless they choose to do so. Socialise over an xbox; get competitive outdoors with football goals or basketball hoops; enjoy the high-tech instruments in the music room, free wi-fi and plenty of food!

Come along and join the fun! It’s a great introduction to Youth Club, activities, but also a time to relax and enjoy the company of others. Keep up to date by liking us on Instagram.

“She really does love going to Monday Club.  Thank you so much for the time and effort that you and your team put in – it is very much appreciated!”

Run by Emma, and a dedicated team of experienced youth workers, the Club gives young people the chance to build on confidence, self-esteem and social skills. Sessions offer activities with an age-appropriate focus, drawing on group member’s interests, discussions arising from shared concerns or issues in the media. Traditionally this has included seasonal parties, an occasional disco, a visit from the Youth Bus and helping to create the Carnival float.

In 2020, activities included healthy lifestyles with young people learning to cook their own supper! Discussions centered around the impacts of the pandemic, and some came in for academic support. For many, the focus has been on maintaining mental health and wellbeing. Where permitted, this included a small group outside with a youth worker, taking advantage of their hour’s exercise allocation and better weather for supported mindfulness. “This physical presence and encouragement to go outside and notice things is vital to help to offset the negative impact of lockdown and online schooling. It also provides the best way for us to keep an eye on a young person’s mental state and any emerging need for further support.” Brad, Lead Youth Worker

“When a young person first comes to the Riverside Centre they are often timid. Sometimes they may come in just for a short time of quiet or to grab a cup of tea. Our role is to create an environment where they can feel safe, grow in confidence, join in and, when they feel ready, ask for support.  As a youth leader, building a relationship with someone is the most rewarding thing.”  Abi, Monday Club Leader

Hear how young people feel about their town and why they come to Monday Club for support.

Awards for All funded a project in in 2019, in which 12 Middle School pupils worked with youth workers at the Centre to define and trial and promote a ‘healthy active lifestyle’. Rural Media helped to plan, prepare and support the young people to direct and produce the above video themselves. Their aim was to share their own stories and how they participated in their local community, to inspire their peers to live a mentally & physically healthy lifestyles in this rural community. You can view the project blog on our Instagram! @Pershoreyouthy