Riverside Youth Centre – the place to be!

Teenage Focus! – Gregory Sidaway (15)

In the March issue I addressed the question of whether or not Pershore provides enough for young people. Continuing this debate, the Pershore Times decided to look into what Pershore does provide for young people. I had heard of the Youth Centre before, but never actually understood what it does!

A few days ago, I met with Bradley Edmunds, the full time Lead Youth Worker to help
promote the centre for those who had never heard of it before or who have never had the chance to visit.

Brad, Abi, Megan and Ryan give their time to help young people have the “best experience possible” as they go through childhood and the difficult transition into adolescence. “We already have ninety young people here,” says Bradley, who is
extremely keen on expanding the Centre’s popularity. For people who are bored during the school evenings and holiday periods, it’s a safe place for them to socialise without parents worrying. It’s a “non-judgemental” environment that offers support for all young people, allowing them to express their feelings and individuality
without the fear of being laughed at.

Their activity sessions are split between under-13’s on Mondays (from 6:30 – 8:00pm) and 13+ on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (from 6:00 – 8:00pm). This way, the team are able to focus on specific groups of people, building their sessions around their audience.

For under-13’s, an activity frequently mentioned was Cooking – as it helps to develop key skills needed in later life – as well as Judo, Water sports and Rounders etc.

For 13+, there is a heavier focus on teenage life, with drugs and alcohol awareness promoted and exam revision methods encouraged. A councillor is available without a waiting list to listen to any worries or concerns that a person might have. Feel
free to talk with any of the team, who will keep any problems or concerns confidential, finding the best possible solution to them.

On Sundays there is a club run specifically for young people (8- 15 years) with learning
difficulties or disabilities. Various activities take place and parents are welcome to stay if they wish or can use the time for respite if they prefer.

The Centre helps to encourage members’ aspirations and interests through organising
Career days and Workshops. For those young people who are constantly bored through the school breaks, or need somewhere to go with their friends during the day, the Riverside Youth Centre is certainly a fantastic place to start.

My first impressions of the place and its staff was very positive. I know people of my age often spend their days in their bedrooms with their phones.

That’s fine. But if you are someone who wants to do more than that; to get out there and enjoy yourself, the Pershore Riverside Youth Centre is the place to be!

Article published in the Pershore Times – Issue 42 – August 2019