What goes on at the Riverside Youth Centre?

Tucked away between Asda and the Leisure Centre is a place where 9-17 year olds come to socialise at regular club nights and other sessions.

A genuine community facility, the Youth Centre’s focus is firmly on provision for young people, providing positive activities for all that want to join in, and focusing support and guidance for those that need it most. Abi Wilks and Brad Edmunds, the Centre’s qualified, experienced youth workers, are very aware of the issues faced by some of Pershore’s young people and are passionate about engaging with, supporting and
motivating them to find a way through their concerns.

Many of the Centre’s regular attendees are not in a position to access sports clubs, uniformed groups or activities outside Pershore, so “The Youthy” is a lifeline for 9-13 year olds on Monday evenings and an older group on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
“Our role is to create an environment where they can feel safe, grow in confidence, join in, or ask for support with an issue when they feel ready. It is very rewarding to see young people progress and gradually building a relationship with them is the best thing.” Abi

On a typical club night at the Centre, a group of thirty will be playing pool or computer games, enjoying free wi-fi, relaxing in a friendly environment and sometimes even doing last minute homework.

Leaders offer practical support, for example around careers advice, CVs and interviews; with counselling for exam stress or tougher issues available in
separate sessions. Life skill sessions are also on offer, including cookery, first aid,
healthy living and internet safety. Over the summer we are offering daytime sessions for 7-13-yearolds.

The young people really appreciate the support and facilities offered: “I like being with friends in a warm Environment, I feel safe.” Pershore’s Riverside Youth Centre really does change lives. The young people who use the Centre are increasingly becoming involved in the local community. Everyone is looking forward to helping with refreshments, a raffle and stewarding at our major fundraising event – the Riverside

The Centre is dependent on such fundraising events, donations and income from room bookings and parties in order to continue to provide vital local support for young people.

Article published in the Pershore Times – Issue 39 – May 2019